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Shelter from unpredictable weather conditions with Planet South Lakes orangeries and conservatories.

If like many people here in the UK you wish you had more time to enjoy your garden and outdoor space but find yourself hindered by the weather then pay attention. The changeable weather here in the UK (and especially where I live in the Barrow & Lancaster area) always seems to spoil things.

We can experience a few days of sunshine only to find that the rest are full of torrential rain or winds. This of course ruins any plans to enjoy that ‘precious ‘garden time leaving us stuck in our homes unless we want to get wet.

But what if there was a way to enjoy the best of both worlds? Wouldn’t it be better if we had somewhere we could shelter from the Great British weather but still gave upon the beautiful foliage in our garden? An orangery or conservatory could provide the perfect solution to this problem.

Although similar, an orangery actually pre dates conservatories and can be traced back to the 17th Century. They are traditionally made from brick and designed to protect plants and fruit from the harsh winter months. Today of course, they provide a bridge between a home extension and a modern conservatory, with their many windows and glazed roofs.

We all know what a conservatory is and how they look. They provide a safe haven from the rain but have large windows to allow plentiful supplies of sunlight and giving a good all round view of the garden. They also give somewhere to kick back and relax on a summers evening without the worry of getting chilly.

Anyone wanting to buy an orangery or conservatory around the Barrow and Lancaster area should contact Planet South Lakes. Providing top quality uPVC products, Planet South Lakes are a locally based company with a wealth of experience in this business.

Providing bespoke solutions for anyone wanting to incorporate one of these conservatories into their gardens around Barrow and Lancaster, Planet South Lakes also can help you get a great deal and the right product. Contact Plant South Lakes on 0800 612 2255 or visit the website at www.planetsouthlakes.com.

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