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4 Selling Techniques You Would Be Wise To Avoid When Buying New Windows

You have come to the right place if you are looking to find a reputable local window supplier who will provide the finest customer service and a quality installation.  

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Planet has been around for a long time, and during our time in business, we’ve always been very honest when selling to customers, never trying to trip them up or fool them into a purchase – just how it should be!

Most other window companies operate in a similar fashion, but there are still a small pocket of installers who employ dubious and underhand sales tactics. 

Don’t get caught out by them, which you won’t if you get familiar with the cunning and crafty methods they use: 

Price conditioning

A first-time buyer of new windows and doors is unlikely to have a clue what they cost. Some salespeople will try and use that to their advantage and revert to what we call price conditioning. 

This involves quoting you a price and being insistent that it cannot be beaten by anyone else, when the opposite is probably true.

Fake discounts

To get an indication of what you will have to pay for new windows and doors, and to also determine a good price, you need to get at least three quotes from various companies. 

In an attempt to stop you getting quotes elsewhere, a salesperson could make up a false discount and say that you must accept it on the spot.

It might seem a great discount, but only afterwards will you possibly find out that it’s not. 

Large price drop

This is a tactic designed to shock you. What the salesperson will do is quote a ridiculously high price in the hope that it will cause an audible gulp and gasp of breath. 

Once that happens, they’ll then offer to significantly reduce the quote to make you believe you are getting a terrific discount, but in reality, it won’t be. 


When asked the curious question “what do you want to pay for new windows and doors?”, it could be to get a figure out of you for when the salesperson quotes. 

The figure you give might be way above what they actually cost, but that won’t stop the salesperson quoting you a figure around that amount, even if it’s way above what you should be paying. 

We don’t do any of these things with customers at Planet. We’ll look after you and promise to give you a fair deal. Contact us to begin what will be an enjoyable buying process.

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