3 Things To Consider Ahead Of A Conservatory Installation

Things to think about when extending your home

Has the initial excitement you had for your home when you first bought it started to subside? We tell you what will reinvigorate the old excitement is a new conservatory. 

It will give you somewhere different to use and change the way you live your life at home forever. 

Conservatories are our bread and butter at Planet, so we know everything there is to know about them, if you are thinking of having one integrated into your living quarters. 

We are very well-positioned to give you advice on a conservatory and inform you of things you need to think about first, like these 3 questions:

Will it need planning permission?

Where Permitted Development Rights apply, the answer is a definite NO! To be classed as a Permitted Development, a conservatory must satisfy a series of limits and conditions. 

For ultimate clarity on whether planning permission is needed or not, you just need to get in touch with your local authority, who will advise. 

Building regulations approval could also be required. The local building control officer will be the person to speak to about this.

An extension with planning permission

What is your budget?

Have you worked out what you have to spend on an extension? This is an important detail for any installer. 

Take a good look at your finances to come up with a figure, or reach out for financial guidance. 

If you tell us your budget, it will enable us to create some design concepts that meet with that budget, which, in turn, will show you what you can get for your money.

An extension with French doors

Is it going to add value?

The fact that a conservatory will add space is all well and good, but you also want it to increase the value of your home by a worthwhile margin. 

Almost all conservatories add value, but to what extent can depend on the size of the conservatory, the design you choose, how successfully it blends into the building, and the quality of the workmanship. 

We have fitted so many conservatories, so we can give you an accurate idea of exactly what it’s likely to add value-wise.

A black and white conservatory

Go on our Living Spaces page and you will see that we’re not kidding when we say that Planet has been the architect of so many conservatory projects.


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