3 Tips On Driving Natural Light Into Your Home

3 ways of enticing more natural light into your home

There’s nothing like having a cheery home and your home is normally at its cheeriest when it’s filled with natural light. This can also have a positive impact on your mood and aid your wellbeing. 

With spring not too far away and the clocks due to go forward soon, you will have noticed that more light is entering into your space. But you could always do with more of it. 

To pull in the sun as much as you possibly can, just follow these three fantastic tips.

Get aluminium windows installed

More than any other house feature, we strongly rely on our windows to capture natural light and it helps to have windows that prioritise glass over frame. 

Aluminium windows do that, or at least our slim-line aluminium windows do, boasting an ultra-slender profile so that the glazed section occupies almost the entire design – more glass = more sun. 

Although incredibly tough, aluminium is a flexible material and that’s how it’s possible to create the super-slim look. After being fitted, your home will never have felt so bright and inviting.

The inside of a window

Remove any outside obstructions

Do you have any trees, bushes or plants that are overgrown and partly sitting in the way of your windows and doors, stopping the sun from fully passing through? 

They need to be trimmed and cut back and once they are, you will instantly feel a huge difference both in terms of how much light travels in and how much this also warms up your interior.

An extension with patio doors

Add a skylight or some roof windows

You don’t want to lose out on any sky when having a solid roof integrated into your conservatory or orangery. 

If you include roof windows in the covering, that won’t happen, and they can also be used for ventilation purposes, if ever required. 

A major step up from that would be to get a skylight or roof lantern installed, one massive glazed facet that will really capture the imagination. 

Both supremely elegant products with amazingly crisp angles and lines, you can include different types of tinted glass in them to establish a certain kind of atmosphere.

A skylight in an extension

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