Autumn/Winter Interior Decoration Ideas For Your Home

There’s a very noticeable coolness in the mornings now that the kids have gone back to school which can only mean that autumn and winter are not too far away.

Replacement Tiled Roof Orangery

So that sunny disposition of yours doesn’t disappear at home once summer departs, we propose that you adjust the styling of your home interior in readiness for this changing of seasons. It’ll keep a smile on the faces of the whole family that’s for sure!

To help you in your quest to create a fashionable home interior perfect for autumn / winter 2018, incorporate what we know are set to be hottest decorative trends. Here is a good site to get the best kind of decor that you might require for your space.

A nod towards navy

Navy is set to be the principal colour choice over the coming months, used as both a neutral and accent. It dates back to the 18th Century and has been the adopted colour for the uniforms of officers and sailors ever since, so it’s a very powerful and authoritative colour option. It can complement virtually any type of internal décor and contrasts particularly well with white trims, wood and period features.

Eco-friendly furnishings

IKEA, the world’s biggest furniture retailer, have looked into their crystal ball and predicted a large increase in demand for eco-friendly homewares, furniture and fabrics. This drive towards sustainability comes as people make more of an effort to invest in products that have been developed in a sustainable manner. There are all sorts of ethically-produced items you can buy online and in the shops that offer an eye-catching effect.

Have it handmade

In the modern world, so many items are mass-produced and made by machine that it’s most refreshing when you come across something that has been lovingly handmade. Quality handmade goods for home interiors can last for years, whether it happens to be a handcrafted table, set of chairs, dresser or sideboard. You can instantly appreciate the attention to detail that has gone into the relevant item, more so than an equivalent product that has been purchased ‘off-the-shelf’ so to speak.

While modifying your internal décor ensure that you also check that your existing windows and doors are still offering sufficient thermal efficiency ahead of colder weather arriving. If they’re not, get a FREE quotation for new windows and doors from Planet.




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