Be Closer To The Outdoors With An Orangery From Planet

You should count yourself very fortunate if you have a garden at home as not everybody has that luxury.

Glass To Floor Conservatory Internal Image With Garden View

Forming the strongest possible bond with your outdoor space doesn’t necessarily always have to involve you stepping outside and lazing out on the lawn. You can enjoy a constantly close garden connection just by expanding your home with an orangery and having it integrated in an area of the property that’s within its vicinity.  

Orangeries existed before conservatories, dating back to the Renaissance gardens of Italy between the 17th to 19th Century. These exquisite structures also have less than 75% of their roofs glazed and feature a high volume of brickwork, while in comparison; conservatories have over 75% of their roofs glazed and 50% of their walls are glazed.

But, you don’t have to stick with convention. A traditional orangery design can be altered, if you want it to be, say for instance if you would like extra transparency to fully take in your garden when inside the spacious surrounds of this classic extension.

To achieve that, you should instruct Planet to fashion a glass-to-floor orangery where drawn-out glazed panels occupy virtually the entire length of numerous sections between the base of the ceiling and bottom of the structure.

It’s the ultimate on-trend orangery that won’t just afford you the most magnificent view of any outdoor setting you have, but it will also allow so much more extra natural light to come in.

If you want a sleek, hip glass-to-floor design, we recommend that you have it constructed from aluminium, often described as a ‘magical metal’. We powder-coat our aluminium colours to give them a decorative smooth or textured finish.

You should also have French doors, patio doors or bi-folding doors incorporated into the orangery if your garden is a place you truly treasure to make it easily accessible from the extension.


Details of our glass-to-floor orangeries and other orangery styles can be found in our Conservatories & Orangeries brochure. You can download a copy of it here.





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