How To Get Your Home Looking And Feeling Cottage-Like

Cottage look and feel

The autumn and winter months are a time when we bank on our homes to provide us with cosiness. 

One property style that you instantly associate with having a cosy feel is a cottage – just imagine how nice it would be to have a cottage-like atmosphere in your living space. 

Well, you can, and it doesn’t involve needing to relocate into a cottage. 

No, your old terrace or modern property can emulate cottage living if you know the sort of touches it needs, which we do:

The feel: give your home a warm ambience

You need the comfort level to be just right, so dial in the appropriate amount of warmth into your home interior. 

Getting your fire going will do this, and it helps to have thick blankets and throws out so that all family members can snuggle under them to keep out any chill. There shouldn’t be a chill though if you have energy efficient windows and doors fitted. 

They will provide exceptional heat retention and prevent you needing to rely on your heating too much, keeping your energy bills down. 

Little or no heat wastage will also be good for the environment, and it will lower your carbon footprint.

Cottage window

The look: copy the cottagecore aesthetic

Your decor also needs to be re-evaluated and changed so that it is more befitting of a cottage. 

The theme we would suggest copying is cottagecore, an aesthetic that is characterised by reverting back to simpler times and an idealised lifestyle. Home renovators have gone completely crazy for cottagecore over the last 18 months, in reaction to the pandemic. 

Floral patterns are central to the theme and you can incorporate them into your space through your soft furnishings e.g. curtains and valances, wallpaper, antique drawer knobs. They will make your decor scream cottagecore. 

If investing in a window replacement, request a pastel-coloured finish for any new windows, which will brighten your exterior, perfect for those dreary winter days. Georgian bars will accentuate their presence and are also in keeping with the theme.

Cottage style home

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