Did You Know You Pocket A 10 Year Guarantee At Planet?

Over the last year or so, we have come to really appreciate our homes, which has led to many people investing in their properties and improving them. We spend so much of our lives in our homes that it makes sense to enhance our living spaces. 

Flush Casement Windows Internal Detail

Some improvements you can do on your own, while others require outside help, such as the installation of windows and doors or an extension.  

How do you go about finding the right window and door installer? 

You want a company with experience and a catalogue of great products, and also one that provides an exceptional guarantee so that you know that anything they install for you is covered in the event of any future problems. 

Enter, Planet!

We have been involved in the home improvement industry for many years, and the guarantee we give out to our customers is for 10 years, and it isn’t just a meaningless piece of paper. 

If you need an issue resolved with a product that you buy from Planet, we will be out to your house quickly and will rectify it quickly, FREE of charge.  

It isn’t very often that a Planet customer has to rely on this guarantee, but it’s good to have it if you ever need some assistance. 

Unfortunately, some companies in our profession let down their customers and don’t honour their guarantees, but Planet would never dream of doing that. Aftercare is as important as anything else we do, and has often been what has drawn customers back to us for further business. 

10 years of quality performance is what you can expect, no matter what you buy from Planet. Ensuring our products last this long is also good for the environment. 

Visit our About Us page for more details about our 10 year guarantee and various other reasons why Planet should be appointed for all your home enhancements.


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