How To Make Your Energy Bill Much More Affordable

January is usually a tough month financially for most people, and it may be even more so this year because of how much extra energy they’re having to use at home to work and keep warm. 

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Experts have issued a stark warning in recent weeks, just ahead of Big Energy Saving Week, which starts today, after estimating that the annual energy bill could rise by £171 in 2021. That would be one of the biggest ever yearly price hikes. 

Take this warning on-board and do what you can to avoid it:

There are several steps to be taken that will put you on the path to cheaper energy:

Move to a new energy supplier

A major reason why lots of people were reluctant to change energy suppliers was because the switching process was slow and complicated, but that isn’t the case anymore. 

There are some really competitive tariffs out there and they can be found using a comparison site. It then takes no time to get switched over. 

How does a £300 annual saving sound if you’re a first-time switcher? And even if you’ve switched before, you could make more savings by switching again.

Install an energy efficient boiler

You won’t be able to heat your home more cheaply if you have a very old boiler as it will have a low energy rating. 

It would be wrong of us to claim that buying a new boiler is cheap; it isn’t. But it will definitely be worth the money as it will save you loads and be far more reliant than an old model. 

An upgrade to an A-rated boiler can see you save £340 a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust, and it will perform for 15+ years.

Get energy efficient windows & doors fitted

It’s inevitable that a window and door company, like Planet, would urge you to have energy efficient windows and doors installed, but we don’t say that just for our own benefit. 

They will eliminate draughts and can reduce heat loss by as much as 75%. Get them specified to the very highest standard if you want to make the most financial gains.  

New windows and doors can last for upwards of 20 years. Over that time, they will literally save you thousands of pounds.

If energy efficient windows and doors are the route you need to take to save on energy, ask Planet to provide you with a FREE quote for them here


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