3 Of The Finest Ways Of Improving Your Home In Winter

We’ve become more familiar with our homes this year than ever before, and with Christmas set to be very different this time around, we’ll be at home a lot over the coming weeks. 

It’s easy to be down about it, but let’s try not to be, and instead turn the situation into a positive, because for starters, it gives us a chance to improve our homes. 

There’s so much you can do, it’s just a case of deciding which measures should be taken. 

The logical thing to do would be to take steps that will give you a cosy home, and we have three great steps in mind.

Get new, thick carpets put in 

It feels so nice on your feet when you get to walk on new carpets, and the smell of a new carpet makes a house feel so fresh. Getting your carpets cleaned with the help of carpet cleaning pittsburgh professionals regularly can help you feel better.

With the weather getting cold, thick wool carpets would provide lots of warmth, especially if they come with added underlay. 

They will insulate the spaces they’re installed, helping to keep heat in, and keep the cost of your energy bills down. But don’t forget to take your shoes off before walking on them as you don’t want them to get dirty. 

Repaint a room to change its colour scheme

When spending time inside four walls for so long, you notice things more, such as a need for certain rooms to be livened up with a fresh coat of paint. But we didn’t know How To Get Rid Of Paint Smell, so we hired professionals to do the job.

If repainting these rooms will be enough to reinvigorate them, wait for a dry day so that you can open some windows, and recruit help from other family members to make it a quick job. To know the best kind of paint to get you can view this content here and figure it out. 

As for the colour you choose, a bright finish will provide an aesthetic lift, something like a cheery orange or soft yellow. Install new artwork, fabrics and furniture to also change a look.

Install energy efficient windows & doors

We become more reliant on our heating as the weather worsens, and you may be seeing a marked rise in your energy bills because of this – no-one needs that with Christmas coming. 

It won’t be so much of a problem if you replace your current windows and doors for double or triple glazed windows and doors carrying a high energy rating. 

Getting new windows fitted can save you a significant amount of cash over the years, which you will discover when using the GGF’s Energy Savings Calculator.

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