As confirmation of the quality of our replacement roofing systems, Planet supplies them with a 10-year guarantee. Throughout their lifespan, they will perform to the highest possible standard.


We cannot deny that buying a new roof for your conservatory is a momentous thing to do, something that will completely change your conservatory.

Therefore, never be tempted to cut any corners with it.

You can be hard pushed trying to get a guarantee from some roof companies, and some guarantees that are given out are not insurance backed. At Planet, our 10-year guarantee is an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) and is so because our roofs are designed and manufactured in a way that makes them last. The materials and components used in their production are also incredibly durable and the best that you can get.

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The length of our guarantee also highlights our ongoing commitment to the environment, as outlined in our Environmental Policy document. Building roofing systems with such lengthy lifespans avoids any overconsumption amongst customers and reduces carbon emissions.

It’s not every day that you go out and buy a conservatory roof, and there’s an expense to doing it, which is why you should always expect to receive a guarantee. Over the 10-year guarantee period, the roof will help you make fantastic energy savings and give you a living space that you love being in.

Windows Guarantee