It will take a bit of time for you to choose a window style because Planet has so many styles available. Our FAQs could help you make a choice.
How are flush windows and casement windows different?

We’ll start by telling you that the casement is the moving part of the window i.e. the bit that opens and closes. A standard or ‘lipped’ window has casements that sit proud of the surrounding window frame.

With a flush casement window, the casements are dead level with the frame, resulting in a window that is both neat and understated. The easiest way to spot the differences between the two is to view a flush casement window and casement window next to each other. Our showroom is a place where you can do this.

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Should I ask for double or triple glazed windows?

In a double glazed window unit, there are two panes of glass, whereas a triple glazed window unit encompasses three glass panes. There are benefits to both, many of them. Speak to a Planet advisor to find out what these benefits are, which will help you select one of the two.

With that extra pane of glass, a triple glazed window is exceptionally good at keeping heat inside a room and keeping draughts out. Configure a triple glazed window in a certain way and it will also shut out noise, which will be a relief to anyone who has a house in a noisy district or neighbourhood.

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You will have questions for our team and they will always be happy to answer them. Here are some common questions that Planet receives from customers.

What is the difference between PVC Windows, PVCu Windows & UPVC Windows?

There is no difference and they should actually be called PVC-U windows, as that is their proper name.

The UPVC name was changed to PVCU in the late 1980’s so that it was brought in line with other European countries. It’s thought that they called it PVC-U because European languages mostly place the noun (being PVC in this case) before the adjective (U).

Poly Vinyl Chloride is the meaning of the abbreviation ‘PVC’ and the ‘U’ stands for Un-plasticised. PVC has to be modified so that it can be used to manufacture products like shoes, bags and fake leather. That’s how we’re so familiar with ‘PVC’.

You can’t use pure PVC-U to manufacture windows and doors as it requires some additives first to make sure that the windows will endure and offer weather and UV resistance. Without these additives, you also wouldn’t be able to achieve the well-celebrated white colour that you associate with UPVC windows and doors.

What window and door colours do you have?

White remains a very popular colour for windows and doors, but Planet has a colour palette that stretches far further than that, including some unexpected finishes.

There’s little chance that white will ever go out of fashion, nor cream, but people expect more nowadays and Planet doesn’t like to disappoint. We have colours such as Anthracite Grey, Matt Black, Hazy Grey and Olive Grey, and that’s just a small sample.

Planet can also add a woodgrain effect to your windows if you’re a fan of a timber effect. We have a rich, dark Rosewood, to go along with statement colours like Chartwell Green, Dark Red and Steel Blue.

If you want a mix of colours, you can always ask Planet to provide a dual-coloured set of replacement windows.

What is an 'A' rated window?

To identify the standard of thermal efficiency that a window provides, just look to see what Window Energy Rating (WER) it has displayed on it. White goods are labelled in a similar fashion e.g. washing machines, fridges and freezers, with windows energy rated from A+ – G.

The most energy efficient window you can buy in the UK is an A+ rated window, which is defined as such by the BFRC Rating Scheme. This is the national system for rating the energy efficiency of replacement windows and also tells you if a window complies with UK Building Regulations.

If you have the budget, it is definitely worth investing in A or A+ rated windows so that you benefit from great energy efficiency at home.

Any new or replacement windows in the UK must have a minimum WER of C or above. Get the full lowdown on WERs from an advisor.

What does U-Value mean?

A window’s U-Value symbolises how effective the window is at heat retention and stopping heat from escaping. It is measured in Watts per square metre or W/m2 K. The lower the U-Value number, the better the heat retention of the window.

The minimum accepted U-Value for a new or replacement window is 1.6 W/m2 K. An advisor at Planet can tell you more about U-Values.

What is Secured by Design?

In a concerted effort to improve the security of buildings and their surroundings, the Secured by Design initiative was established and it has the full backing of the Police.

SBD’s product-based accreditation scheme – the Police Preferred Specification – is the recognised standard for products that are specifically designed to minimise acts of crime. It includes domestic windows and doors and their accompaniments e.g. hinges and locks.

Planet’s sister manufacturing company, Conservatory Outlet, has Secured by Design membership, so many of our window products meet the standard. If you want to discuss security with a Planet advisor, just get in touch and we will organise a design appointment.

Do you manufacture your windows?

Speaking of Conservatory Outlet, they are also a leading manufacturer of UPVC and aluminium windows, and Planet is a member of its extensive UK-wide network. They have a manufacturing plant in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, where they use the latest technology to develop stunning window profiles.

We obviously have a very close relationship with Conservatory Outlet and this gives us the benefit of being able to keenly monitor our supply chain and check that product standards are kept high.

How much will new windows and doors cost?

We wouldn’t like to estimate a price before we have spoken to you to find out what you’re looking for and know about your home.

What we can tell you is that any windows bought from Planet will be tailored for the property and its openings and fittings. Prior to that though, let us know what style, colour and type of performance you want, then we can calculate the price and get on with measuring up ahead of the installation.

Everything that needs to be discussed can be done during a free design consultation, which can take place in our showroom or from the comfort of your home. We also do virtual appointments via Zoom.

Use the contact form to inform us of your preference and we will be in touch with a suitable time and date for the consultation.

How long will the appointment last for?

It’s difficult to put an exact time on it, but we generally advise our customers to set aside 1 hour for the appointment. The advisor will need this amount of time to gain the information they need and record any measurements you supply.

How long will the installation process take?

It varies from project to project, so we wouldn’t like to give a concrete timescale. It will also depend on how many new windows need to be fitted and how difficult the job will be. To give you a guide, a full house of windows will usually take 3-4 days to install. Your advisor will confirm the expected timescale and we’ll stick to it.

Do you have finance available to help me secure some new windows?

We do have some finance packages that you can take advantage of (subject to application & status). Putting together a finance application is easy and it shouldn’t take long for you to discover if the application has been successful or not. Finance applications can be completed in our showroom or in your home.

What should I do when I receive approval for finance?

If you have arranged the finance yourself, contact Planet once you have been notified by the finance company. When it’s organised via Planet, the finance company will get in touch with us both.

When refused finance, what can I do?

Try not to panic about it as finance companies can turn down customers for many different reasons. One of the most common reasons is if you have moved several times in recent years. Planet will be here for you in the event of you being refused finance. Often, we suggest trying another finance provider, ideally one that already knows you.

How long will it take to receive approval for finance?

You could find out from the finance company pretty much straight away or you may have to wait a few days. If there is a little delay, don’t be concerned as it could be for a series of reasons.


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See how affordable your home improvement can be with our Finance Calculator. Explore the different ways to finance your home improvement with Planet with one of the three finance options shown below – simply click on the finance option that best suits you.

  • WINDOWS & DOORS 12.4% APR Representative Order today and spread the cost over 60, 120 or 154 months
  • LIVING SPACES 11.9% APR Representative Order today and pay nothing for 3 months.
60 monthly payments
Representative APR
120 monthly payments
Representative APR
154 monthly payments
Representative APR
This finance option allows you the convenience and flexibility of spreading the cost of your home improvements over 60 or 120 months. You must make the minimum repayment each month. However you can also make additional payments and therefore control the length of the loan and the amount of interest you would pay. No security is required on these loans. These calculators are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a credit quotation. *154 months finance only available for orders over £10,000.00

Representative Example

Cash Price
Total Amount of Credit
Duration of Agreement
60 Months
Rate of Interest
12.4% p.a. fixed
Representative APR
12.4% APR
60 Monthly Payments
Total Amount Payable
Pay within 3 months + £29 exit fee
Want to pay in monthly instalments after 3 months rather than one-off payment? Consider this option.
160 monthly payments
Representative APR over 13 years
Pay us a 20% deposit when you order, and as long as you pay the outstanding balance in full before 3 months has elapsed plus a £29 exit fee, no interest will be charged. If, after 3 months, this is not convenient, you can pay in 160 monthly installments at 11.9% APR Representative. *Deferred for 3 months from the date of completion – £29 exit fee applies if the loan is repaid in full during the deferral period and NO INTEREST will be paid. If the loan is not settled in full within the deferral period, then interest will have accrued from the start of the agreement on any amount still outstanding at the end of the deferral period. Interest will continue to be charged until the agreement is repaid in full. For legal reasons the Representative Example shows interest IF the outstanding balance is NOT paid before the 3 months has elapsed. No security is required on this loan. These calculators are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a credit quotation.

Representative Example

Cash Price
Total Amount of Credit
Defer By
3 Months
Duration of Agreement
163 Months*
Rate of Interest
11.9% p.a. fixed
Representative APR
11.9% APR
120 Monthly Payments
Total Amount Payable
Settlement Fee


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