3 Summer Home Trends To Follow This Season

Summer Trends

Hearing about the lengthy queues at our airports on the news may have been enough to dissuade you from travelling abroad this summer, or it may be you’ve decided not to head overseas due to the rise in the cost of living.

In either case, it leaves you with time to give your home a summer makeover.

Before embarking on any summer refresh though, it’s worth looking into current home trends, which we can tell you are mainly focused on turning homes into more tranquil spaces, as we will now outline.

Self-care spaces

We need to protect our well-being with everything that’s going on in the world. Pursuing your favourite hobbies will help with that, but you need a place to do them.

Anyone who’s into yoga could have their own yoga room if they were to get their house extended, or if it’s reading that relaxes your mind, make a cosy reading spot close to a large window. Just make yourself happy!

To wind down after these activities, imagine doing it in the serene atmosphere of a spa-like bathroom. Planet can offer privacy glazing to make this setting super-isolated.

A lady in a conservatory

Biophilic design

It’s the connecting of indoor buildings with the nature outdoors that’s the overall premise of biophilic design, bringing them together. This will increase your home’s footprint and make you feel less stressed in the process.

You can realise it by adding more light and ventilation to your indoor living environment.

A feature door from Planet, such as a bi-folding door or sliding patio door, would unite your home with nature because of their predominantly glazed design and wide opening.

A seated area next to an extension

Green finishes

The impact of being in a green environment can be immensely positive for you in many ways – it makes you feel refreshed and leaves you in a zen-like state.

If your home is missing some green, consider a green shade as a colour choice for any new replacement windows and doors.

Chartwell Green is just one example of the many green finishes that we have in our very diverse colour palette.

A window with a green finish

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