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4 Tips To Insulate Your Conservatory For Winter And Beyond

Is your conservatory set to see plenty of action this winter? What a wonderful place to hold the Christmas dinner or see in the New Year with friends and loved ones. If you’re not in the fortunate position of being able to do such things we wager it’s because your conservatory offers poor insulation in cold weather.

Solid Roof Victorian Conservatory

Freezing temperatures can be a complete killjoy for some conservatory owners, but all their extensions need is a little heating up to make them useable not just in winter, but throughout the entire year.

Resorting to turning the thermostat up a few notches isn’t necessarily the answer as you can improve insulation at least five other ways…

  1. Exchange your existing roof for a solid roof

Since being launched, solid roofs have become one of the biggest-selling home improvement products.

This replacement roofing system can be custom-made for any conservatory style and take the place of your current roof. Once fitted into place, the insulating qualities of the solid roof will completely transform the feel of the extension and make it a comfortable area to spend your time whatever the weather’s like outside.

  1. Fit some conservatory blinds

To keep some of the cold air that passes through your windows out you can always fit some blinds to them. There is such a thing as thermal blinds if you want the most energy efficient set of blinds you can get.

They come in a number of styles and colours and will also come in handy for blocking out any excess glare from the sun.

  1. Put down some floor covering

Certain types of conservatory flooring can feel really cold on your feet when conditions outside as frosty.

Unless it’s carpeted, you could put down some nice thick rugs down on the floor to add a layer of warmth underfoot. Plain rugs, patterned rugs, striped rugs etc. will also add some style to the space and also protect your flooring from damage.

  1. Install underfloor heating

It’s not a cheap option but it is possible to install underfloor heating by removing any existing tiled flooring and putting it underneath.

It will feel toasty on your toes and it will stop you needing to fit electric panel heaters to the walls and have them occupy a lot of space. You might be put off by the sight of electric heaters in any case, whereas underfloor heating cannot be seen.


If you need further advice on heating up your conservatory or have made up your mind to install a solid roof, pick up the phone to Planet.


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