What You Can Do To Make Your Home Feel Roomier

Make More Space At Home

Do you remember the days when you had loads of space in your home? They’ll likely be long gone if you’ve been living in it for a number of years and have since had kids.

How do you get it back? Not necessarily by extending the house or by moving somewhere bigger.

No, you might just be able to reinstate space in a much simpler fashion, without any stress or major upheaval.


Finding the time to declutter the house can be difficult, but it’s definitely worth putting a date in your diary to do it. So that it doesn’t take a lifetime, call in some help from everyone else living with you.

Remove any items that are taking up valuable floor space and figure out if they can be stored elsewhere, donated to charity or taken to the nearest tip.

Have a play around with any furniture in your living room, bedrooms, dining area etc. to see if a different configuration will also work better.

A woman decluttering the house

Aluminium windows

You need your home interior to receive lots of natural light from the sun, and it’s wise to have light-coloured walls and reflective surfaces to help establish a bright atmosphere.

More of the sun will come in if you have aluminium windows fitted as they have a super slim profile and a bigger expanse of glass than you get in most traditional window systems.

Swiftly after their installation you will notice the difference they make to the whole ambience of the place.

Aluminium windows

Large glazed door

In great summer weather, you want to get out into the garden and you won’t be able to stop yourself from doing that if you have a large glass door of some sort connecting home to garden.

It could be a bi-folding door or a sliding door, products that each have slender framework and an abundance of glazing, allowing the sun to power its way through indoors.

Light can play tricks with your mind and will make your house feel as spacious as it has for years.

Large glazed doors in an extension

Planet is one of the most well-established window and door installers in this region, so leave it to us to take care of adding them to your property. Let us prepare a window or door quote here.


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