Capturing A Traditional Feel In New Build Homes

Capturing A Traditional Feel In New Build Homes

A new build home’s appeal can be attributed to ironically, its newness, but also the personalisation opportunities it presents to buyers.

However, some find that new builds have a deficiency of charisma and warmth, whilst not every new build-seeker wishes for a property that’s wholly up-to-the-minute and super-sleek.

What is it you can do then to conquer these issues and infuse a traditional feel and ambience if you’re a new build occupier or searching the market to buy one?

Follow the expert advice of Planet to distinguish your new build from every other one on the estate.

Acquire elegant heritage windows

A dazzling architectural element of most traditional properties is the windows they have, usually very intricately designed and invariably timeless. One window group in parallel with this is the heritage window, a historic category that our cottage windows fall under.

Cottage windows are styled to imitate the hallmark charm of windows from previous eras and match up to contemporary fundamentals in energy efficiency and practicality. Alert a member of our team if you’d like to customise cottage windows with glazing bars or divided panes to further stimulate their authentic aesthetic.

An uplift in looks won’t be all these windows will ignite, with them also luring extra light inside, culminating in a more welcoming indoor atmosphere.

Grey cottage windows

Hand-pick an enduring colour

Colour usage on windows and doors is a critical component in gaining traditional charm. A lot of modern residences utilise sleek, minimalist shades, the likes of which include cream, white, and black, and there are some classic hues to instil heritage enchantment.

One of them is Chartwell Green, a very delicate green shade that exudes the sort of tranquillity and finesse you would associate with quaint country estates and significant manor houses.

A front entrance finished in Chartwell Green with a traditional white trim cannot fail to impart distinction into a new build and edge it ahead of neighbouring homes in the style stakes.

A Chartwell Green front door

Add a few vintage-inspired touches

Vintage details can encompass antique light fixtures, ornate door furniture, old wooden beams, rustic flooring etc., and will instil character and depth to a house that has insufficient traditionalism about it.

Installing a long-established table or armchair with characterful distressing would also fit the theme, as would the addition of vintage artwork, patterned wallpaper, and framed botanical prints to walls. Supplement all this with texturing made of natural materials like wood and stone.

New builds can have that lived-in warmth of traditional abodes, it just takes some vintage adornments to achieve it.

A floral lampshade

You’ll feel a sense of nostalgia when you usher in heritage windows and incorporate the ideas laid out in this blog, and your new build will offer the most comforting of locations.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Planet if you need our direction to transform a new build into a setting loaded with traditional touches.


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