How To Get Your Conservatory Fit For Summer Use

If you’ve been on a summer countdown for the last few weeks you can stop it now because the summer season has finally arrived.

Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory

Spring finished on a high note, in terms of the weather, and let’s hope for more of it so that we can relax in the garden at every opportunity.

Let’s be realistic though – the rain will come at some point.

That’s when you can take refuge in your conservatory, or at least you can if it’s temperature-regulated, which it definitely will be if you have a solid tiled roof fitted as a replacement for your ageing glass or polycarbonate roof.

Our replacement conservatory roofs are so light and we can style them for all types of conservatories, with or without glass panels – these are good if you want to entice lots of natural light inside.

In some instances, we don’t even need to upgrade the existing framework or windows and doors, if we deem them strong enough to handle a new roof.

We’ll have the new roof installed in no time at all and post-installation, your conservatory will be usable no matter how hot it gets outside.

It’s a good idea to also add some window coverings in summer, should they be Pleated, Roller or Venetian blinds, as they will help cool things and stop any glare from hampering your enjoyment of the space.

Ventilation could come via a bi-folding, patio or French door too, and if this door acts as the link between your conservatory and garden, you’re laughing!

Don’t forget about introducing plants as a method of lowering humidity, with Lapageria, Plumbago, Sarracenia and Hymenocallis rated as some of the best conservatory-based plants.

The final thing to do is to remove any thick furniture coverings and store them away until the winter.

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