How To Give Your Entrance A Modern Makeover

How to modernise your entrance

If you dress up the inside of your home but ignore the exterior, your home’s valuation could suffer. Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home, a modern entrance will make your home feel much more welcoming.

There’s no denying that first impressions are important, and that is notably true when it comes to our homes. Therefore, creating a modern entrance is extremely crucial to create a positive impression.

Replace your outdated front door

Often, what makes an entrance look old-fashioned is an ageing front door. Planet has numerous contemporary styles of doors available for your home in Cumbria.

When we think about improving the kerb appeal of our customers’ homes, we immediately think of replacement windows and doors. A new door will ensure your home is as stylish as it is energy-efficient.

For a truly modern entrance, you’ll need to choose a trending colour for your new door. Currently, a white finish is becoming less popular with grey being a favourite among 2022 homeowners. Can’t decide? Choose a dual-coloured finish – a trending colour for the external and a classic shade for the internal.

Wide range of colours

Add plants to your entrance

A simple (and affordable) way to dress up your entrance is to frame your door with select plants.

Define your doorway with a topiary tree on each side, which can be shaped in a number of interesting designs.

Modern trends lean towards more minimalistic styling, therefore two plants symmetrically placed is all you need to create an inviting, contemporary entrance.

Dress your door

Incorporate modern accessories

Planet has a collection of contemporary door furniture, including several pieces of hardware that will make your entrance feel more modern.

While we stock plenty of traditional door knockers with an antique look, our modern door handles and knockers are more simple. Favourites include an uncomplicated chrome ring or bar.

While simplicity is key, making a statement is important for modern homes. An oversized number plate creates a contemporary look for your home’s exterior.

Finishing touches

For a modern entrance in 2022, less is more, but that doesn’t mean losing the character of your home. Placing interesting plants in your doorway, choosing a trending colour finish for your door and selecting sleek hardware are all ways you can bring personality to your entrance in a modern way.

Browse our brochure to view our selection of modern doors and their complementary hardware. Download yours here.


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