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Home Improvement Projects You Should Avoid Doing So That You Don’t Decrease Its Value

Home improvement projects that can harm the valuation of your property

One of the things that you might have done these last few weeks to keep yourself occupied is to put together a list of ideas of how you can improve your home in 2021. 

In this instance, we recommend that you read our piece from last month about home trends.

Anything that you commit to doing should be geared towards improving the current valuation of your property, otherwise, there’s little benefit to be gained.

You certainly don’t want to ‘enhance’ your home and see its sale price plummet, as a consequence. 

Here are 3 home improvement projects we would have misgivings about, for that reason:

Reducing the number of bedrooms

If you have one or more spare bedrooms in your house, they’re probably either used as a guest room or a place for storing what’s best described as ‘junk’. 

They could be kept like that, or you could temporarily turn them into office space or a workout area. 

What you shouldn’t do is lose a spare bedroom completely by knocking through it as it can have a negative effect on a home’s valuation.

Re-carpeting all areas of the house

You are fine to replace carpeting in a room where the existing carpet is very worn and / or full of marks and stains. 

However, don’t re-carpet everywhere unless you can be absolutely certain that the carpet you select is guaranteed to be liked by everyone, which is highly doubtful. 

If a prospective buyer walks in and your whole flooring isn’t to their liking, it’ll cost them a pretty penny to replace it all.

Carpeted area

Having a lawn ripped out

Homes with gardens have never been more prized than they are at the moment, so it would be a mistake to remove your lawn or cover over it. 

We know that not all garden owners are garden enthusiasts, and don’t relish cutting the lawn every couple of weeks. But that shouldn’t signal it being ripped out. 

The only compromise would be to have artificial turf put down in its place, which is far lower-maintenance and very much looks like real grass.

Garden swing

Stick to projects that you know for sure will add value, such as the installation of new windows and doors from Planet. We have FREE brochures available that you can download to find out more.

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