Home Improvement Trends: What’s In For 2024?

Home Improvement Trends: What’s In For 2024?

As the new year unfolds, it brings with it a surge of aspirations and motivations.

It’s during this time that our focus often turns towards our homes—a sanctuary where safety and contentment intertwine.

With 2024 here, many homeowners are inclined to make changes to their living spaces, so let’s explore the latest trends to elevate your home aesthetic this year.

Sweet Embrace™ – Dulux’s 2024 Colour Pick

Following on from the 2023 Barbie craze, Dulux chose Sweet Embrace™ as its colour of the year for 2024. Unlike the vibrant pink from the film’s lead, it’s a softer, muted blossom pink with blue-grey undertones.

Dulux sees it as a remedy for our busy lives, aiming to bring calmness to indoor living and work spaces.

Whether you want to completely transform a room, create a relaxing accent wall in your bedroom, or add subtle hints of this pink in scatter cushions, rugs, and vases, Sweet Embrace™ offers versatile options for a soothing touch to your decor.

Dulux Colour of the Year - Sweet Embrace

A Retro Revival

Let’s take a trip back to the 70s – it’s time to rewind the clock! Yearning for a slower pace of life, the retro look is making a comeback in full swing.

Get ready for the return of carpets and wall coverings featuring large geometric patterns, along with the resurgence of natural wood dressing tables, bureaus, plush velvet fabrics, and vintage wall tiles for living rooms. It’s a nostalgic journey, reconnecting us with the past as a way to escape from the hustle of today.

And don’t miss out on the charm of cottage windows – they perfectly complement the retro aesthetic with their quintessentially British design, evoking memories of much simpler times.

Retro decor

Curvy Mirrors

Mirrors will always be a practical addition to any home but this new trend makes them much more fun. Curvy mirrors are expected to be very popular in 2024, making a real statement in bathrooms, hallways and living rooms.

Break away from the era of mundane plain, rectangular or square mirrors and have fun experimenting with mirrors in unique shapes and effectively reflect natural light throughout your interiors.

The options are limitless with a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials at your disposal. Consider showcasing large, standalone mirrors on prominent walls or creating an artful cluster of smaller mirrors for a distinctive touch.

Curvy mirrors

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