Let Light Into Your Home With A Glass To Floor Orangery

The feature that most distinguishes an orangery from a conservatory is the high proportion of brickwork.

Glass To Floor Conservatory Roof & French Doors

Conservatories are renowned for having a considerable amount of glass, whilst a traditional orangery favours brickwork to help it more seamlessly blend in with an existing building.

However, it is possible to include more glass in an orangery than you would normally expect to see and still manage to retain some brickwork by commissioning the development of a glass-to-floor orangery.

More glass gives your orangery that touch of class…

Omitting a dwarf wall in an orangery design enables you to prolong the length of the glazed panes from the perimeter ceiling almost right down to the brickwork base.

It creates a stunning effect, and as a consequence of the abundance of glass within the orangery, you can expect to profit from the following:

  1. Incredible views

Nowhere else in your house will give you such an amazing perspective of your garden at ground level. Whenever the sun is shining you will be rushing to immerse yourself in the sensational atmosphere and soak in the unique panoramic views that only this style of orangery will supply.

  1. Spacious surrounds

As if an orangery wasn’t expansive enough, when a flourish of natural sunlight drives its way through the many glazed sections of a glass-to-floor orangery it adds a further sense of spaciousness to the room.

  1. Improved wellbeing

Research has shown that when we’re exposed to natural sunlight it can have a massively positive effect on our health and mood, something that you cannot replicate with artificial light. It can also aid productivity which is good news for anyone intending to utilise an orangery as home office space.

  1. Thermal efficiency

Throughout the year, the glass will help ensure that the structure is suitably insulated so that it neither gets too cold in winter or too hot in summer. It will be a comfortable place to spend your time whatever the weather outside.

Plan your glass-to-floor orangery with Planet

You can find out what is possible when fashioning a glass-to-floor orangery design at Planet by clicking here.


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