Spring Trends To Re-Establish Home Kerb Appeal

Spring Trends To Re-Establish Home Kerb Appeal

Brighter days and lighter nights can only mean one thing – spring has returned! What a perfect season it is to rejuvenate the look of your home.

Concentrate on your interior first, getting on with your spring cleaning and the decluttering of the house so that all your focus can then go into freshening up its exterior.

Bid bon voyage to winter and give a warm hello to spring with failproof trends of bringing back kerb appeal.

Side panels to frame your front door

Let the spring sunshine leave the area directly behind your front door feeling light, airy and spacious by including glass side panels to frame its design.

The panels can be filled with privacy glass or clear glass and in both cases will draw the sun in like a magnet and also give the door added presence in your entrance.

We have several varieties of privacy glazing, each with their own individual, distinct pattern. As it’s spring, a floral pattern would be very apt.

A Front Door With A Decorative Side Panel

Dress windows with shutters

If there’s ever too much sun travelling into your home, you’ll be able to control it better if you have some window shutters so that you can shut some of it out.

Shutters are also good for ventilation and letting fresh spring air hit your indoor spaces, as well as for privacy, more so than blinds or curtains.

Breaking with convention and preferring shutters over traditional window coverings will make your property stand out and won’t go unnoticed by visitors who may find themselves wanting to follow suit in a desire to gain kerb appeal.

Blue Window Shutters

Get a porch fitted

Spring is a wonderful time of year to go out for walks and explore nature as plants and flowers begin to grow again. Unfortunately, we can’t promise you great weather and it will inevitably rain during some of your rambles, which is where having a porch will come in useful.

Muddy shoes, boots and wellies can be left inside a porch when you get home so you don’t muddy your floors, and also, a UPVC or brick porch will add extra character to the property.

Once you have one, living without a porch will feel unthinkable, and wait for the impression it makes on people.

A Brick Porch With A Brown Door

Planet is celebrating the return of spring with a spring savings event where you can get money off windows, doors and many other products that will give you a better-looking home.


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