Still Not Warm Enough For The Conservatory? Think Again!

Sat alone, empty and unloved? No not you, your conservatory! It’s a familiar story for many conservatory owners for large parts of the year.

Large Edwardian Conservatory

Until the weather hits its peak, conservatories are often too cold to live in and it is incredibly frustrating.

But don’t just leave out in the cold, so to speak. There are things you can do to make your conservatory feel consistently warm throughout the year.

Solid roof

Your existing glass or polycarbonate roof could be what’s causing your conservatory to freeze in winter. The obvious solution? Replace the roof!

A lightweight weather tight solid tiled or slate roof can be crafted to perfectly fit atop the existing structure and will significantly improve internal insulation so that you can use the conservatory all-year round.

They really look the part too and can be adapted to include roof windows if you want a means of ventilating the space in summer.

Double glazing

Very old conservatories tend to be single glazed and as most of us know, single glazing is poor at retaining heat.

Upgrading to double glazing will keep more heat in and promote solar pain by driving in some of sun’s warmth.

The integration of new double glazed windows will also keep down the cost of heating the conservatory.

Underfloor heating

The installation of underfloor heating in conservatories has grown in popularity over recent years as whilst you cannot see it, it will keep the interior comfortable.

Simple to install, electric underfloor heating is usually the favoured option and can be placed under various types of flooring.

The alternative option is to fit a radiator where possible.


Window blinds will inject colour and stylishness into your conservatory, and prevent the glare of the sun from hindering your eyesight.

When drawn they will also aid temperature control, which is particularly helpful for those with a single glazed conservatory.

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