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Transform Your Home With A Conservatory From Planet

Does your home in its existing state feel as though it is lacking something, a missing piece in the jigsaw so to speak to make it feel complete?

Brick Conservatory Internal View of Bi-Folds

The missing piece you’re looking for could well be a conservatory as this form of extension will supply you with a truly unique home setting where many laughs and good times can be enjoyed for the next 10 years at the very least.

Planet says this without any exaggeration as we’re long-standing conservatory suppliers and have heard countless tales of customers revelling in the conservatories that we have supplied and fitted to them.

The benefits of conservatory ownership extend to much more though than just giving you a new space to enjoy home living…

Improved home valuation

Purchasing a conservatory requires a significant outlay but the money you pay out for one will be vindicated as research shows that a conservatory installation can increase a property’s valuation by around 7 per cent.

You can also use it as a major selling-point if you ever decide to put your house on the market. A fully-working conservatory will often attract lots of buyer attention.

Useable for all occasions

Whether a family member is celebrating a birthday, you want somewhere special to host the Sunday roast or fancy seeing in the New Year in style without stepping outside the house, a conservatory is the place to host such occasions.

Deck it out accordingly and invite the people you love the most to experience an occasion that neither you nor they will ever forget.

Stunning external views

The cold prevents us from getting out as much as would like in the winter and spending time in the garden. But you won’t be too far away from it in a conservatory.

With so much glass surrounding you inside you will have the most amazing view of your garden and see it from a perspective like nowhere else.  It will be impossible to grow tired of the view.


You’ll almost feel like your living in a completely new home once a conservatory has been provided by Planet. Trust us to take care of everything needed to make it the leading living space indoors. To see the full range of conservatory styles we offer click here.


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