UPVC And Aluminium – The Facts Behind These Two Trusty Materials

There’s so much diversity in our product range, with a generous mix of UPVC and aluminium-made home improvements. 

White UPVC Conservatory

Virtually everything we sell is available in either of the two materials, from conservatories and orangeries to windows and doors. 

This often raises the question amongst our customers of which of the two options is the better material? 

That’s incredibly hard to answer as UPVC and aluminium are both excellent materials and immensely reliable. 

All we can do is provide you with some insight into them to help you decide which you prefer. 


We live in a very rainy country and you need your windows and doors to be able to handle all of this regular inclement weather. 

UPVC is a completely weatherproof material, so it’s look and performance will not diminish when continuously exposed to wet conditions. Cleaning a UPVC window or door is one of the simplest things in the world. Whenever it picks up any dirt, you will only need a wet cloth to wipe away this dirt and make it look shiny and new again. 

If you don’t have a big budget for buying new windows and doors, UPVC solutions are very affordable for what you get, which is years and years of enduring aesthetics and quality. 


Aluminium products look very different to UPVC equivalents, and that applies to windows, doors and everything else. They have the sleekest frames imaginable and this maximises the glazing section, great for those who want lots of light transference. The hardness of aluminium is unbelievable, and despite that, it’s amazingly easy to mould it. 

What particularly stands out about aluminium products is their finish. It’s actually powder-coated onto the frames and done in multiple stages to give it a lasting effect. 

You can have pretty much any RAL colour that you want for aluminium-built windows and doors, so there are no limitations when it comes to the finish. 

Come to our Kendal showroom to see many of our UPVC and aluminium offerings in the flesh. This will help you decide if UPVC or aluminium is more to your taste. 


You’re assured of a very warm welcome when you call into our Kendal showroom to view our fabulous products, with several experienced sales consultants ready and waiting to give you a helping hand.


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