Spruce Up Your Conservatory This Spring

Spring is officially here. The clocks have moved forward an hour and it’s time for the leaves to start coming out and the sun to start shining.

Now that summer seems like it’s just around the corner, plenty of people will be prepping their greenhouses and their vegetable patches ready for a spot of summer gardening. Well, if you already have a conservatory, why not make the most of it and bring some of your gardening in-house?

Here’s some of the best plants to have if you’re planning for a spot of indoor gardening. We’ll start with…

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants are a succulent plant that, to be honest, really don’t require much looking after to keep it alive. That’s not to say that it’s a self-sufficient plant, though.

These plants love room temperatures around 21 degrees so your conservatory is an ideal place to put one, especially considering they love plenty of sunlight too. For the best results, avoid frequent watering as these plants prefer dry soil.

English Ivy

This is a plant that has a kind of aura about it. If you’ve gone for a classic, rustic look in your conservatory then this plant is ideal as it’ll trail down your furniture adding to the look you’re trying to achieve.

To care for your English Ivy, it’s good to keep the soil nice and moist and also to keep it in cooler temperatures than the Aloe Vera, it’s good to keep it around 10 degrees.

Peace Lily

This is something that you should have seen plenty of, if not in other people’s homes then at least in a movie or two. They’re quite a popular choice, that’s for sure. These are certainly an easy plant to grow so they’d be ideal for an indoor plant.

The Peace Lily may be better suited to an orangery though as they have more solid walls and brick work in them unlike a conservatory which is mainly windows. Peace Lilies like to be in places where there is low light and low humidity but likes high temperatures around 29 degrees.


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