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Orangery vs Conservatory: Which Of The Two Should You Choose?

13th February 2019

It can be a really agonising decision trying to decide whether to buy an orangery or conservatory when you want to extend your home and add a completely new dimension to it. There are so many upsides to installing both types of extension and very few downsides which complicates matters even more when you’re struggling...

Everything You Need To Know About Planning Permission

8th February 2019

When sitting down with a customer who’s interested in our conservatories and orangeries, the discussion always at some point turns to planning permission, something they have very little knowledge of. We wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t advise customers of the importance of planning permission as breaching planning laws can cause all...

Get Into The Festive Spirit With Our Decoration Ideas

10th December 2018

There are very differing opinions on when you should put up your Christmas decorations and it usually depends on people’s religious beliefs, so if you haven’t put yours up yet then you certainly won’t be on your own. However, Christmas Day is now just over two weeks away and we believe it’s never too early...

Transform Your Home With A Conservatory From Planet

20th November 2018

Does your home in its existing state feel as though it is lacking something, a missing piece in the jigsaw so to speak to make it feel complete? The missing piece you’re looking for could well be a conservatory as this form of extension will supply you with a truly unique home setting where many...

4 Tips To Insulate Your Conservatory For Winter And Beyond

13th November 2018

Is your conservatory set to see plenty of action this winter? What a wonderful place to hold the Christmas dinner or see in the New Year with friends and loved ones. If you’re not in the fortunate position of being able to do such things we wager it’s because your conservatory offers poor insulation in...

Spookify Your Home This Halloween With Our Interior/Exterior Decoration Ideas

25th October 2018

Halloween is fast creeping up on us. Get into the spirit of things and put the frighteners on all those trick or treaters that come to visit by creating an unBOOlievably spooky home – if you’ve got it, haunt it! There are all sorts of hair-raising things you can do to the inside and outside...

Stay Secure With Our Replacement Doors And Windows

9th October 2018

In case you didn’t know, October is officially National Home Security Month, as it has been since 2013. The purpose of this initiative has been to remind householders of the ongoing importance of home security, something that needs to be particularly emphasised at this time of year as thefts rise by around 38% when the...

Our Solid Roofs Are Efficiently Insulated To Keep You Warm This Winter

26th September 2018

Some conservatories and orangeries are completely out of bounds during the winter when rightly they should be at their busiest and the perfect places to enjoy the Christmas and New Year periods. That’s the unfortunate situation many local conservatory and orangery owners find themselves in and it’s the roofing systems attached to these designs that...

Autumn/Winter Interior Decoration Ideas For Your Home

5th September 2018

There’s a very noticeable coolness in the mornings now that the kids have gone back to school which can only mean that autumn and winter are not too far away. So that sunny disposition of yours doesn’t disappear at home once summer departs, we propose that you adjust the styling of your home interior in...

Composite Doors vs UPVC Doors

14th August 2018

Buying a new front door for your home may not be quite as easy as you think as it will have a massive effect on the entire appearance of your entranceway and you have to decide whether a composite door or UPVC door is your best option. Keep in mind too that visitors to your...

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